What's New (past 30 days)

This site will have an overhaul sooner than later. 

If you are interested in records from Ariano, please go to my other site: https://arianoirpinogenealogy.weebly.com/ . I have been indexing the civil records 1809-1910.  It is a work in progress, new files are upload each week.  Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Montaguto.com, I now have information on the Iagulli-Andreano family.  These many records are being added to the database and will be uploaded soon. Thanks or visiting.

I have so many new records to upload!!

In honor of my grandmother, I have begun to index all the civil records from 1809-1910.  That database will then be made available for people to use in their research.

I have begun the second round of reviewing the microfilms from Ariano. Round 2 is focusing on my Grasso and Scaglione heritage and on finding the records I missed during the first review.

Happy New Year!  I have finished reviewing the Volturara Irpina records.  I will upload as soon as I translate and copy the data.  Thanks for visiting.

Working on the Raimo-Masucci family line from Volturara Irpina. Thanks for visiting!

Awaiting microfilmed records from Volturara Irpina to research the Raimo family line.

I am almost finished with the records from the town of Tufo. Members of the Barile family of Tufo are married into the Troisi clan. As I finish up these records, I am hoping it will establish a connection between my direct line and the Tufo Troisi's.

I have just completed civil records 1809-1899 from Altavilla. I have discovered that there were many Troisi's that migrated to and/or moved back and forth between Altavilla and smaller surrounding towns, such as Tufo, Petruro, and Ceppaloni.  Onto those records!

This latest update is of the Troisi-Lombardi families from Altavilla Irpina.  I have discovered that the mother of my maternal GMG Lombardi is a Giordano. There are more records currently be viewed.

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the Purcaro-Raimo-Troisi website!  It has been two years in the making!!

I obtained the information from reviewing microfilms of the civil records birth, death, marriage, and marriage intention from the various comunes. Any incomplete / missing dates means that I do not yet have documentation to verify the data. I apologize in advance for any errors in spelling or dates. Some of the records were missing, some were extremely challenging to translate due to the condition of the original documents (such as water damage or ink bleed through) and the quality of the photography of the films, and then, there are   my translation errors.

I have completed one round of reviewing the century of records (1809 - 1910) from Ariano (di Puglia) Irpino . A second round is forthcoming. Anyone who has dabbled in genealogy research understands that records must be reviewed at the very minimum twice -- there are individuals you didn't know you had to pay attention to the first time around!

I would like to publicly thank the volunteers at ItalianGenealogy.com. They generously gave their time and expertise in deciphering and translating certain documents. I could not have gotten this far or this accurate without their assistance. I also want to thank Tony Labriola, creator of The Families of Savignano di Puglia, Italy - Family Tree for his assistance with certain records from Zungoli, from where the Rizzo line migrated.

I look forward to hearing your comments, corrections, and additions to the information presented.

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